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How To Handle Extracurricular Activities in High School - The College Tips

How To Handle Extracurricular Activities in High School

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Tip 458: Get Involved with extra-curricular activities. You will reap benefits that you probably weren’t even aware of.

As you go through your high school years, you will typically bounce around from different activities, well I did at least. I played football for some time, was in the band for some time, and even did track for a while. Extracurricular activities play a part in your development as a teenager, as well as preparing you for higher education.

ExtraCurricular Activities Options

  • Volunteering-Nursing Homes, Local Library, Homeless Shelters
  • School Involvement-Sports, Clubs, Tutoring
  • Work-Part Time Jobs, Shadowing, Summer Jobs
  • Research

In a article written in “The Social Science Quarterly” by Ralph B. McNeal, of the University of Connecticut,  it was noted that participation in extracurricular activities brought on all types of positives, such as increased achievements, improved communication with others, and improved self esteem.

If I could go back, I would have slacked on the sports a little and sprinkled in a few volunteering opportunities as well as joining a few clubs. As a teen going through it, you may not get it while in high school, but every grade you make, and every experience you create is building your college resume up.

  • When you get ready to start applying to schools, you will more than likely have to submit an essay detailing why you should be chosen as a candidate for the school.

All of these extra activities will be things that make up a good resume, if you haven’t help any real work.

You obviously won’t have much work experience or a strong resume to bring to the table, but what you can offer is the ability to show that you kept yourself busy, was a leader in various situations, and maintained great grades. Don’t spend all of your time playing Call of Duty or Madden.

Take a few days out of the month and volunteer at the local library, pass out a few care packages with Meals On Wheels for the holidays, or go to a nursing home to talk with the elderly. This shows that you give back to the community and aren’t the typical teenager.

  • Everything that is being done is to separate yourself from the pack in one way or another.


Joining clubs is another great thing to do that will have long lasting implications for you. There are many clubs in high school that you are able to choose from. Rotary Clubs, Future Teachers of America Clubs, Future Business Leaders of America clubs, Politics Organizations etc…

You will learn about things that interest you, network with your peers, make new friends, and once again it will separate you from the pack in one way or another. Most kids aren’t necessarily thinking about how to reach their goals like the you may be, so even just showing up to meetings is more than what most are doing.

If you’re really dedicated to your success and making an impact, you can run for leadership positions within the organizations. When you are ready to start sending off applications, you will be able to let the schools/part time jobs know that you served as that position for the last few years.

Remember, it’s all about standing out and being diverse.

Potential Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you may have a hard time getting ideas off the ground. Check below for a few ways that you can get your extracurricular activities started:

  • Local Churches-They usually are always doing something within the community.
  • Network of Friends-Ask your closest friends what they do outside of school. Ideas surely arise from those convos.
  • Start your own-If you truly have leadership qualities, with a little work, you can have your own dedicated group.
  • Advisors, Professors, & Parents-These people can give you some great ideas of what you may want to do.
  • ME-You can always email me when I’m free, and I’ll lend support and ideas as well. aaron@thecollegetips.com


Competition gets fierce as the years pass and from your early teen years you should always remember that “It’s all in the execution”. That is one of my favorite sayings that I live by. You have to do what you have to do to separate yourself from the competition by diversifying your lifestyle.

A regular teen at 16-17 typically goes to school from 8-3, comes home to eat, take a nap, plays games and talks on the phone until the wee hours of the night, and decided to do homework 5 minutes before class.

I’m sure we all have that friend or have even been guilty of this ourselves,, but it wasn’t very beneficial to me when I was.


One thing you should NOT do is let any of your extra-curricular activities interfere with your grades at any point.  The moment they do, drop something and continue to focus on making sure your grades are quality enough to get you into the school of your choice.

All of the clubs, organizations, and sports are simply supplements to your high school life, and your priorities should never chance from grades being first. With that being said, you also need to realize how important balance and organization is. Grab you a nice organizer to keep your priorities in order.

Daily Planner-Goal SetterDaily Planner-Goal Setter


Keep Your Eyes On The Goal At Hand–Your Future

It sounds stupid to you now, but when you reach your mid-late 20’s, you will realize how being so driven and determined paid off compared to the ones who were not as focused.

You have to learn to develop goals for yourself, short term and long term, and continue to build on them in everything that you do.

To Be a Child? Or to Grow Up?

Your parents don’t necessarily always know what they should and school advisors don’t either, we are all human, but at some point you will have to take a little responsibility for your future as well. In your late teens, your mind should be more than ready for you to think on your own.

If you are in a situation where you have to maintain a job to help support your family, that is a completely normal situation that anyone should understand and respect. All that simply means is you don’t have the luxuries as the kids who don’t have to work. You have less time to play around, and have to grow up a bit quicker.

On the flip side, this isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. Always take your negatives, and turn them into positives. You have to understand that this creates a responsible teenager who develops skills that other kids haven’t yet acquired.

You learn how to manage your time, you get your first taste of financial independence and bills, and overall you just mature a bit faster since you were placed in adult like situations.

Always learn to take the good with the bad and keep it pushing through it all. There are many who may feel like the world owes them, I was one. I had to go through many situations to learn that the world is yours for the taking, but nothing is handed to anyone.

Learn to Depend On Yourself

At one point as a young adult, I turned my life around, stopped playing the victim, and no longer cared as much about depending on anyone. It made me a much better individual. I am now passing on what I learned through some of my trying times to maybe stop you or help others.

If I would have known what was really important as a teenager, I have a gut feeling that I would have paid closer attention in school and did things different.

Instead of graduating with my Bachelor’s at 27, I could have graduated at 21. Instead of pursuing my Master’s at 28, I could have pursued it after a few years of working at 24, if I would have taken a different route. Nevertheless, this blog is for you, the people, the parents.

Live, Learn, Have Fun, Be Smart

Learn from me, take these tips and incorporate them into your lifestyle in one way or another. Anytime you don’t like doing something, it’s typically something that will make you a better person, or enhance your life at the end of the day.

Spinach may not taste so good to the young 8 year old boy, but that green vegetable is what makes him healthy, not the Happy Meal at McDonald’s. Gym rats love the green vegetables and stay away from fast food.

As always, reach out to me guys with any questions, comments or concerns.

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