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5 Must Have Gifts For College Students - The College Tips

5 Must Have Gifts For College Students

2015 Best Gifts Post
December 16, 2015
Test012116 Post

You’ve watched your son sleep, eat and hang around for the last month or so, but he’s now back in school waiting on the next break to come.

Send them something to remember home, something that lets them know they or being though of, or simply a gift that makes life away at college easier.

College kids want to come back to school, hang out with friends, and escape the realities of their lives which mostly include exams, homework, part time jobs, and lectures that they can barely remember. They have enough issues trying to memorize a formula sheet, get financial aid handled, and trying to lead an active social life in the meantime. It doesn’t have to be a brand new car, which is also nice….it could be something small that helps even a little bit make the load easier to maintain. I have gathered a list of a few things that may come in handy if you’re looking, but aren’t quite sure what to purchase.


Gaming Bundle

Playstation 4 BundlePlaystation 4 Bundle

Xbox 1 BundleXbox 1 Bundle

Price: Currently $300-$350

Why a Gaming System:

It’s no secret that this was also on my holiday shopping review. If it’s not broke, stick with it. Games have been around for a long time, and it has always been a great time spender for guys in college. Some of the more stressed out-aggressive types are into first person shooters, such as the Call of Duty series or Halo, but we also have others who are into the sports games such as the Madden Football or FIFA Soccer series of games. Grab an extra controller while you’re at it so that they’re able to play with a friend or 2 in multiplayer mode. This is huge on the socializing point. Playing games can be a great conversation starter (ice breaker). I have met a few friends simply from relating by games we share and in turn, making money off said friends.



Macbook ProMacbook Pro

Cost Friendly LaptopCost Friendly Laptop

Price:Currently $950 (2013 Model)-Macbook & $350 for Windows Laptop

Why a Laptop:

It truly can become a hassle having to share computers with an entire school, ESPECIALLY during mid-terms or end of semester examinations. There are students everywhere, printing at the last minute, waiting until the night of to write 30 page essays. Don’t be caught in that shuffle of madness. I personally went without a personal computer my first year of school, but I saved up enough money and purchased myself a laptop. It made my life easier. Over the course of my college career, I used a Windows laptop as well as a MacBook Pro. Both work well, but I must admit, only one is currently still going strong for me. Guess which one? If you guessed the MacBook, you guessed the correct option. The MacBook was substantially more money too, so it all makes sense. If you’re only needing a computer for light work and a few years of operation, Windows may be your go to, but if you want something that will last you, get the Mac. I have never personally had an issue (or virus) with my Mac, but the Windows laptop has had some tough times. Not sure where they came fromJ. Get a decent computer that will last you throughout your college years and you will not regret it.


Gift Card

Gift CardGift Card

Price: Pick Your Poison

Why a Gift Card:

I can’t tell you one person I know that knows how to shop very well for others. When it comes to guys and young college kids, sometimes you’re going to strike out with your gift choices. Just get them a gift card and let them go crazy with the purchases. It doesn’t show that you aren’t thoughtful. Maybe just maybe it could also symbolize that you don’t want to mess up a gift, so you’ll give options. No harm, no foul. They may buy a lot of small gadgets, or they may buy one big item, but the fact that you give them an option with the gift card makes it a great gift choice.



Textbook RentalTextbook Rental

Price: Varies

Why Textbooks:

Listen!! Textbooks are expensive as shit and college students are barely making it as it is. Take some of the load off and purchase all the books they need for the semester. Not everyone (barely anyone) qualifies for grants and scholarships. Some people are barely making it. Thanks to the internet, there are options galore for choosing and affordable textbook shop. I recommend (definitely not the only option) going through Amazon since they also have a buy back and rental program. This may not necessarily be the fun option, but this may ensure that they have a few dollars for food, gas, and a little entertainment occasionally. I would also advise you to rent instead of buy. It is much cheaper and easier to handle. Things change so fast that it wouldn’t be the smartest idea to keep information that is old in just a few years. Technology has advanced us in more ways than one.


Streaming Device

Roku Streaming StickRoku Streaming Stick

Price:Currently $45

Why A Streaming Device: Streaming devices are the now as well as the future. Paying 200 dollars a month for cable is so 2001. These companies won’t be around long, at least in that business model. The new thing is having a streaming devices. Ever heard of a Roku or Amazon Firestick? You’re able to watch subscription based premium programming as well as a shit load of free programming. This is all possible through the app store, similar to your tablet or phone. Apps such a Crackle have thousands of movies to choose from. You can also opt to pay for apps such as Netflix or HBO Go. The only thing you really miss are your sports programs, and those aren’t too far off from becoming available. This is a nice parting gift.


Conclusion: College can be a tough time for kids financially. They can’t work full time without dropping courses so they make what they have work. Shine a little sun on them and make going back a good time. Whether it’s a PS4, buying textbooks for them, or making a laptop purchase, trust me, it is appreciated 10 times over. It’s a lot easier to focus on school when you don’t have to worry about who is paying for your textbooks or where the next meal will come from. Slide them a little cash or just give them a little token to keep going on their journey. Some people quit the journey early simply because they can’t afford to go to school and provide financially.

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