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November 15, 2015
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5 Must Have Gifts For College Students
January 18, 2016
2015 Best Gifts Post

If you’ve ever wondered what someone that’s in college wants as a Christmas gift, look no further than here if you’re having a hard time!!

I have compiled a list of 10 of the best gifts for college students based off of my own past personal experiences, a few friends, as well as my siblings going through undergrad. I hope that you find true value in this. Let’s get this started….


1.Gaming Bundle

If there is one thing I know, it’s that game consoles passed a lot of time for me during undergrad. This is how I relaxed and entertained myself when I wasn’t old enough to drink, was flat out broke, or just wanted to have some fun with my friends. You can never go wrong with purchasing a gaming system. The great thing about these bundles is that they already come with a game, and sometimes even an extra controller. In the end, you come out cheaper purchasing the bundle as opposed to buying the PS4, a $65 game, and additional $60 dollar controller separately. The downside of a bundle is that you don’t really get much of a choice of what game comes with. Most college students enjoy multiplayer, online playable content. I would stick to a sports related bundle, or a FPS (First Person Shooter) bundle. Check out the 2 links listed below for what I recommend if you were to take the game console route.

Playstation 4 BundlePlaystation 4 Bundle

XBOX 1 BUNDLEXbox 1 Bundle

2. External Hard Drive

External hard drives come in extremely handy for the college students. Whether you have a ton of music that you want to transfer from your bloated computer that runs out of space every two weeks, or whether you have a humongous library of DVD’s and BLU-RAY’S that you want to keep and not delete, this would be the perfect gift for your grandchild, sibling, , relative, or significant other. I have at least 3 hard drives that are completely full, and the great thing about it is that they are getting progressively cheaper as time passes. You can get a lot of hard drive space for a very great price, much better than what I had to pay. I have listed my recommendation below this, but any would work. You should also consider getting a backup for the external hard drive. External Hard Drives are known to sometimes be faulty and crap out at any moment, so having a backup to the backup is a great solution. I warned you!!

External Hard DriveExternal Hard Drive

3. USB Jump Drive

This isn’t necessarily a “fun” item to have, but it’s an item that you’ll need as soon as the month long Christmas break is over. Projects, presentations, papers, homework will all need to be saved somewhere. Take for example, you do your work from the school library computer. How are you going to get it off of that computer? There are a million ways, but save yourself the trouble and keep it simple. Buy a cheap USB Stick. They are similar to EXT HD’s in the sense that they are getting cheaper as time goes on, so you’ll be able to get a ton of space for a really good price. If you really want to take it a step further, you can buy one for each class you have. You end up in a cheaper situation, and you don’t have to worry about losing and filing things properly. You will need these your entire college career. Check out my recommendations below.

USB Flash DriveUSB Flash Drive

4. Mini-Fridge

This is a self-explanatory one in my opinion. College students take what they can get. Sometimes, the struggle is definitely real and help is needed. Get a fridge for them to take back to school and they will be forever grateful. Anything that can make life easier for them when away from home, they will appreciate. Any will do, but I checked out one that has great reviews and isn’t too shabby. Take into account that these kids are broke and need others to help out while they build the foundation to their career. Take a click on the link below to see one of the more popular mini fridges.

Mini FridgeMini Fridge

     5. Laptop

Laptops are a complete lifesaver for any college kid. My first year of college, I didn’t have one. It was an absolute nightmare having to do all of my work in school and not be able to take it elsewhere. I saved up enough money and finally purchased one for much more than you can get them for these days. If you want a basic computer that will be used for homework, light applications, and internet browsing, you can get one for a great price. If you care for likability, having a bigger hard drive, and the ability to flawlessly use more CPU intense applications (design/video/audio production software), the fee will be heftier. A personal computer is a gift from the heavens for any college student. You don’t have to worry about privacy/security issues, there is no wait like there would be if the library was jam-packed during midterms or finals, and you’re able to get them something that truly benefits the college experience. I personally have had both types, Windows laptops, and currently own a Macbook Pro. Both are absolutely great. Check out the links below of some great offers I was able to find.

Cost Friendly LaptopCost Friendly Laptop

Macbook ProMacbook Pro

     6. Tablet

I have to be honest here and tell you guys that I’m just not a big fan of tablets personally, but everyone else loves them so it’s absolutely a must to include them in this list. Tablets are perfect for the students who feel that a laptop is just entirely too bulky to carry around. In 2015, we have reached a point where they can pretty much do the same things as a basic computer. You can get the same applications, take notes, and even do homework from them. You will miss out on having a CD drive, but who even makes those anymore? You will also lose in the hard drive department. Think 500 GB in a standard laptop compared to 32 GB on a tablet. This simply means, you won’t have nearly as much space to save things. Nevertheless, they are a great item for those who don’t need all of the bells and whistles of a laptop. If you’re truly using a laptop for notetaking, lecture recording, and no fun things, then a tablet works just fine. I found a great offer on a popular Samsung tablet and have linked to it below.

Samsung Galaxy TabletSamsung Galaxy Tablet

     7. Television

This is the absolute best time to purchase a TV. Stores are emptying their warehouses preparing for the influx or New Year models that are soon to come. You can’t play your gaming system without a television to play it on. TV’s are extremely cheap as well and you are sure to find a deal that you’ll like. It doesn’t have to be a huge 50 inch as that may not be allowed or even fit in a dorm room. A 32 or 40 inch television is fine as well. Let me reiterate that they are extremely cheap. In 2007, I paid 700 dollars for a 32 inch. The price I found for the one listed below is less than half of that in 2015. I have a recommendation as you can see, but feel free to browse around on the link below that I have provided. Get what works for your situation.

32-Inch HDTV32-Inch HDTV

     8. Streaming Device

Netflix & Chill maybe? Well you can’t watch Netflix without a system to play it on. Streaming devices are an excellent add-on to the college student experience. Have a movie night with your significant other, or simply just invite over a few friends to catch the latest tv shows. Yes, you are able to stream from your gaming system, phone, or from your laptop, but as always, keep it simple. There are many options in the streaming device industry. I personally use a Roku 2 and it is perfect for my needs. It has every popular streaming service that I could ask for, and it doesn’t break the bank nearly as much as a laptop, or game console purchase would. My brother is a freshman in college now, and due to the large fees associated with cable, the school offers a less than impressive selection of things to watch in his free time. A streaming device has come in very handy for him. Get one, you will not be upset.

Roku Streaming StickRoku Streaming Stick

     9. Fragrance

We all like to smell good right? I would hope so. Cologne or perfume is necessary. When you’re going out, interacting with others, and looking for connections, you need to find way to separate yourself from the competition. This is a secret that many just completely disregard. Don’t be that guy that smells like a colonoscopy. Get a fragrance, gift it, and watch the love you get for it. I have a few personal favorites and have listed 2 below, one for each sex. Take your pick. There are thousands to choose from. My only advice with this would be to pick a fragrance that you think you will like, check out some online reviews, go to your nearest mall, and try it out. If you like it, head on over to the link below, which will probably be significantly cheaper than the store. Thank me later.

Mens Fragrance

Mens Fragrance

Womens Perfume

Womens Perfume

     10. Gym Gear

This is one that I think we all forget about. Most colleges have a gym and after the holidays and bad eating, IT IS COMPLETELY PACKED. Everyone is in there trying to work off the bad habits created over the holidays. You can’t (well you can if you want) wear jeans and loafers to the gym. You’ll need something to wear, some decent headphones to get in your zone, and tennis shoes. That should set you up to be ready for getting into shape.



Of course, this list isn’t all inclusive and I could go all day about what a college student would like to have, but these things make perfect stocking stuffers or gifts in general. I hope this helps in your pursuit of finding the best Christmas gifts. Subscribe to my email list for exclusive articles, information on upcoming releases, and much more. Happy Holidays guys!!

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